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Warning: Outdated statistics. Villagers are still gathering data and don't have wheelbarrow, please check back later.

CivilizationWin RateDuration (Median)Games Count
Any50.1%25.2 min43,035
Chinese57.3%26.1 min1,622
Abbasid Dynasty56.9%24.6 min928
Byzantines54.3%24.6 min4,074
Malians53.8%25.5 min832
Ottomans51.6%26.1 min2,105
Mongols51.3%25.3 min2,065
Order of the Dragon50.3%26.6 min2,793
Holy Roman Empire50.1%26.4 min2,105
English50.0%25.9 min3,433
Japanese50.0%25.0 min8,911
Rus50.0%27.5 min1,395
French49.1%27.9 min2,973
Delhi Sultanate48.0%24.4 min635
Zhu Xi's Legacy47.6%23.0 min3,676
Ayyubids47.4%23.2 min2,073
Jeanne d'Arc43.0%23.3 min3,415
43,035 Games2 weeks
MapWin RateDuration (Median)Games Count
Any50.1%25.2 min43,035
Cliffside52.4%22.9 min5,924
Golden Heights51.7%24.3 min3,810
Dry Arabia51.1%25.4 min4,666
Gorge50.9%24.0 min5,909
Golden Pit49.3%25.9 min5,382
Hidden Valley49.2%25.9 min5,260
Himeyama49.2%25.9 min5,278
Rocky River48.8%27.0 min4,081
Canal46.1%29.2 min2,725
43,035 Games2 weeks
43,035 Games

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