The Leaderboard ranks all players participating in AoE4 multiplayer mode bast on their 'rating'.

  • What is ‘Ranking’ and ‘Rating’?

    Ranking is the position a player has on the leaderboard, the lower the rank the better (i.e. 1. Is the ‘best’, rank 2. the second best ). Rating (sometimes also called Elo) is a mechanism from the game that is used to estimate a players skill level. The rating is used in quick match and players generally are playing against people with a similar rating. Most players have a rating between 800-1200, while the best players have a rating of 1800-2000+. The ranking is all players sorted on their rating.

  • Why am I not on the leaderboard?

    When you first start playing a game mode (i.e. Quick Match 1v1) the first 10 games are used to measure your skill and give you an initial rating. After the first 10 games, the system is more certain of your rating and you will appear on the leaderboard.

    If you have not been playing on a specific Quick Match Mode or Ranked Leaderboard for ±30 days, you will be removed from the leaderboard by Relic. We update accordingly but leave your rating on your profile.

  • Are leaderboards update realtime?

    We detect in real time which games are happening — this is why you will see ongoing games on profiles. After games are done, we refetch your game history to see who won and update your profile. The leaderboard is updated seperatly from this process and is updated in real time.

Player profiles

All Player Profiles include the recent matches played, win rates for specific civilizations and standings on different Leaderboards. (example)

  • How do I add social profiles to my profile

    When you are playing through Steam you Sign in with Steam to this website to connect your account. You can modify your profile and add your Twitch, Twitter, Reddit and other profiles. Occasionally we add this info for popular players.

    Note: Currently there is no way yet to claim and edit your profile when playing through Xbox Live / Game Pass.

  • Why are some matches missing on my profile?

    Sometimes the service we use for the leaderboard is experiencing issues and unable to report ongoing games. As a result sometimes there are gaps in your game history or match results may show as 'white' (no winner known). The leaderboard positions will update correctly once services are back online.

  • Can I see a players 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 statistics

    Not yet!

  • How do I add/remove my alternative accounts?

    You can't. If we verify players playing a smurf account (i.e. by seeing them use it on Twitch) we may link their additional accounts.

  • Can I change the national leaderboard and country my profile appears on?

    The national leaderboard creates a ranking of players in a country. It is the same flag and country that is displayed on your profile. This country is synced from the official leaderboard and API and can't be changed. It usually is the country (or VPN server) where you played your first game.


The Statistics allow you to explore the win rates, games played and pick rate for all civilizations split out on player rating, maps and game duration.

  • A specific civ is performing so OP / poorly, what does this mean?

    First of all: in the period following patches or when using narrow filters (i.e. looking at >1800 rating) the data size is small and statistically speaking not significant, so be careful before you jump to any conclusions. The data may point at different assumptions: i.e. you may be looking at a subset of the best players trailblazing new strategies or playing against people with lower ratings, or simply the new meta after a patch has not been developed yet and people are playing in ways that don’t reflect how the balance team intended them – who really knows? Generally speaking, first check the games played before your overheat your keyboard on Reddit (we take zero responsibility for you making a fool of yourself <3 )

  • How often are the stats updated

    Stats are recalculated at the end of each day (UTC time).

Game Summary Beta

We’re super excited to about this new experimental feature from AoE4 World; bringing your games’ build history, unit stats and scores to the web. You can scroll through the build history, compare scores and see progression in charts.

  • How can I see my game summaries?

    You can see the summary of any Ranked or Quick Match game from players that have set their Match History to 'Public' in the game (Share History toggle on your profile). To see your own custom games, or when your history is private, sign in with Steam. This only works when playing through Steam.

  • I have changed my 'Share History' setting in the game, when will my summaries (dis)appear?

    Your game summaries will be shown/hidden after we detect the change in your setting. This happens every time we update the leaderboard/your rank.

  • How do I share a game summary?

    If you’re looking for feedback, want to share a build you we’re really proud of, or just want to share a game you played you can copy + paste the url of the game history page and anyone with that link will be able to see that game. This also works for custom games. So, great for posting it on Reddit when asking for feedback.

  • How do I get access to my game summaries if I’m playing through Xbox Store/Game Pass and have set my games to private?

    Verifying players’ identity and connecting your Xbox account to AoE4World is currently not possible without us being a Game Publisher, so the only way for you to see your game summaries on AoE4 World is by setting your games to public.

  • How long does it take for a summary to become available?

    The summary is available only after the game has fully finished and the results (including winners) are retrieved. This can take a few minutes.

  • Are the build order history and scores accurate?

    The game scores (total, military, technology, economy, society) are exactly the same as what you see in your game. Other numbers like total resources spend and army value are interpreted based on what a unit costs under normal circumstances for a specific civilization, i.e. we currently don’t have a way to take into account variations like discounted units produced in French Keep influence/enlistment incentives, double produced units in Ovoo influence or discounted research based on Abbasid Preservation of Knowledge, Delhi stone discount through Compound of the Defender and others. Units converted through a successful Wololo will also not be included.

  • How does the build order history work?

    By default we ‘stack’ similar units that were build within a short timeframe to reduce noise, we will show the first time that unit was build and how many times since then. You can click ‘unstack’ in the top left to see exact timings. Click ‘expand’ to stop build steps being grouped by minute across player and see them as a long running list instead.

  • I spotted something that’s incorrect

    Oh, good to know! You can send feedback or a report through this form, please include the link to your summary page. If you have more in-depth feedback you can join our Discord.


The Explorer is the most complete way to learn about civilizations, units, technologies and buildings.

  • What do all the different colored bars mean? How does the tool work?

    The different bars represent how a specific combat property is made up, it includes upgrades, technologies and (civ) bonuses. Learn more.

  • Is see something is wrong or missing

    It can happen! Please click the ‘Report incorrect info’ button on the page you are viewing to let us know. We’ve made many valuable improvements based on the feedback shared there.

  • How did you get all this data?

    We work with the community to retrieve and verify all data. Specifically MugenNoSora has created an awesome Quick Sheet which formed the basis of the data. Additionally we look at data extracted from game files by aoemods.

  • Can I use this data?

    We would love it if you do. We created and host a common and useful format with all unit data, icons and more over at data.aoe4world


On the homepage we highlight recent tournaments.

  • Can you feature my competition?

    We automatically show the next upcoming tournaments and qualifiers that are listed on Liquipedia so first make sure you are on there. Sometimes we feature big or interesting events instead.

  • Where can we see all tournaments?

    We're working on this!

About AoE4 World

AoE4 World is a fan-made for-fun project and not affiliated with Relic or Microsoft.

  • Who made AoE4 World?

    AoE4 World is made by René Klačan with support form Robert van Hoesel. It’s a purely for fun project made out of love for the game. Our goal is to be the most useful place / homepage for AoE4 players.

  • How can I support AoE4 World?

    The easiest way is spreading your enthusiasm for the site. The second way is to Donate so we can pay the server and other operational costs. If you are a developer with some skill in Vue, TypeScript, SolidJs or Ruby you can extra awesome and contribute to the development of AoE4 World. Please join our Discord if you're intersted

  • I made a cool project, can I put it on AoE4 World?

    Yes for sure, awesome you are creating stuff! Let us know and we can either put a link under ‘tools’ or if it fits really we can integrate it in the website.

  • Is there a way I can use AoE4 Data and Statistics in my app or project?

    Absolutely – if you're making something useful for the community we have several ways to provide you data in bulk or through integrations. Connect our Discord

  • How can I contact you?

    You can join our Discord to leave feedback or talk to the admins.

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