Ranked Match 1v1 – Matchups

MatchupWin Rate
Abbasid Dynasty vs Chinese50.0%Show
Abbasid Dynasty vs Delhi Sultanate48.7%Show
Abbasid Dynasty vs English47.6%Show
Abbasid Dynasty vs French54.3%Show
Abbasid Dynasty vs Holy Roman Empire47.4%Show
Abbasid Dynasty vs Mongols53.3%Show
Abbasid Dynasty vs Rus51.4%Show
Chinese vs Abbasid Dynasty49.7%Show
Chinese vs Delhi Sultanate49.2%Show
Chinese vs English47.5%Show
Chinese vs French49.2%Show
Chinese vs Holy Roman Empire46.1%Show
Chinese vs Mongols51.4%Show
Chinese vs Rus50.6%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs Abbasid Dynasty51.3%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs Chinese50.7%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs English50.6%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs French48.6%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs Holy Roman Empire47.6%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs Mongols48.2%Show
Delhi Sultanate vs Rus53.2%Show
English vs Abbasid Dynasty52.4%Show
English vs Chinese52.2%Show
English vs Delhi Sultanate49.4%Show
English vs French48.8%Show
English vs Holy Roman Empire47.1%Show
English vs Mongols53.7%Show
English vs Rus50.6%Show
French vs Abbasid Dynasty45.5%Show
French vs Chinese50.7%Show
French vs Delhi Sultanate51.4%Show
French vs English51.1%Show
French vs Holy Roman Empire53.3%Show
French vs Mongols42.6%Show
French vs Rus50.1%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs Abbasid Dynasty52.6%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs Chinese53.9%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs Delhi Sultanate52.3%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs English52.9%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs French46.5%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs Mongols46.5%Show
Holy Roman Empire vs Rus51.9%Show
Mongols vs Abbasid Dynasty46.7%Show
Mongols vs Chinese48.5%Show
Mongols vs Delhi Sultanate51.7%Show
Mongols vs English46.2%Show
Mongols vs French57.2%Show
Mongols vs Holy Roman Empire53.4%Show
Mongols vs Rus46.9%Show
Rus vs Abbasid Dynasty48.4%Show
Rus vs Chinese49.2%Show
Rus vs Delhi Sultanate46.8%Show
Rus vs English49.3%Show
Rus vs French49.8%Show
Rus vs Holy Roman Empire48.0%Show
Rus vs Mongols53.0%Show

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