Holy Roman Empire Holy roman empire's Flag

CivilizationWin RateDuration (Median)Games Count
Any50.6%24.5 min161,890
Chinese53.9%24.2 min16,916
Delhi Sultanate53.5%23.6 min7,180
Abbasid Dynasty52.8%24.5 min9,860
English52.4%25.8 min46,756
Ottomans51.0%24.5 min13,126
Mongols50.3%24.5 min11,555
Holy Roman Empire50.0%21.7 min11,571
Rus49.1%24.7 min12,050
French46.4%26.0 min24,082
Malians44.4%22.9 min8,794
161,890 Games12 weeks
MapWin RateDuration (Median)Games Count
Any50.6%24.5 min161,890
Hill and Dale100.0%26.2 min5
Boulder Bay75.0%24.9 min4
Baltic54.4%25.6 min10,277
Four Lakes53.7%23.5 min12,358
Prairie52.3%23.0 min17,673
Mountain Clearing52.2%21.1 min18,500
French Pass51.9%27.6 min17,273
Hideout50.0%27.4 min19,969
The Pit50.0%20.1 min2
High View48.6%25.1 min21,781
Dry Arabia48.2%24.5 min19,772
Lipany48.1%24.6 min24,276
161,890 Games12 weeks
161,890 Games

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