French French's Flag

CivilizationWin RateDuration (Median)Games Count
Any50.1%26.1 min130,904
Chinese55.1%27.1 min12,002
Holy Roman Empire55.0%26.3 min15,406
English53.4%27.3 min33,631
Delhi Sultanate50.7%24.3 min5,317
French50.0%25.0 min9,855
Rus49.4%27.3 min10,172
Abbasid Dynasty46.6%24.7 min11,108
Mongols44.2%24.2 min12,027
Ottomans43.9%26.9 min14,654
Malians43.6%24.8 min6,732
130,968 Games8 weeks
MapWin RateDuration (Median)Games Count
Any50.1%26.1 min130,904
Prairie52.0%25.2 min16,994
Lipany50.8%26.0 min19,256
Danube River50.6%30.0 min8,994
Dry Arabia50.3%25.3 min18,729
Hill and Dale50.0%27.1 min16,736
High View49.7%25.7 min17,370
Altai49.1%25.8 min15,341
Four Lakes48.9%26.4 min7,601
Golden Heights47.4%25.2 min9,883
130,968 Games8 weeks
131,015 Games

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